How does an EPoS Solution Work?

How does and EPoS Solution work?

An EPoS Solution is a collection of hardware devices and software designed to allow retailers to sell via a bricks and mortar store and also online.

An EPoS Solution consists of a computer running an operating system, on which EPoS Software is installed. This EPoS Software interfaces with peripheral devices such as barcode printer, barcode scanner and touch screen via the computer’s operating system, the whole adding upto a fully functioning hardware and software system.


When a sale is made in a shop using a traditional shop till, a customer presents money to the shop keeper and if change is due the shopkeeper can open the till and present this change. EPoS Solutions mimic this functionality and much more, allowing a very wide permutation of selling via the same till interface.

Because cash transactions are in the minority for most retailers, selling by credit and debit card are also taken care of by the EPoS Solution, with an integrated chip and pin terminal which allows direct withdrawals of money from accounts via this method. This feeds into the till system and acts upon both receipt printer and till. On advanced EPoS software systems such as those from Intelligent Retail, printable gift vouchers and web enabled receipts can also be produced from this process so that the customer can give a gift or spend online at the retailer’s online store.

Advanced EPoS Solutions offer both online and offline functionality, meaning that all sales from all channels are passed back to the shop till for ‘pick pack and despatch’, with all stock being decremented and added to on the same stock tree. This means that items cannot be over sold and the retailer always know when they have sold an item.